June 2021 Challenge

How will you leverage American Rescue Plan Act dollars to advance social and emotional learning? Share one priority area for SEL investment for your school or district.

Share your June 2021 SEL showcase on Friday, June 25th with a social media post using #SELshowcase and tagging @SEL4USA and @caselorg so we can feature you.

We can’t wait to see you posts, celebrate SEL with you, and share your showcases here

Upcoming Challenge Calendar

Ready to help spread the word about the monthly SEL Showcase Challenge? Check out our Challenge Calendar with topics and prompts for the next few months.

Join the SEL Showcase Challenge

We are still celebrating the success of the second annual International SEL Day—thanks to each of you! For 24 hours, you joined us to showcase, promote, advocate, and support social and emotional learning (SEL) around the globe.

The positive impact of this one day can be felt every day when there is an ongoing commitment to SEL. Let’s keep the #SELday momentum going by celebrating SEL year-round. How?

  • Participate in the SEL Showcase Challenge for 10 months from May 2021 through February 2022. We will release a new theme at the start of each month.

  • Share your SEL showcase on the last Friday of the month with a social media post using #SELshowcase and tagging @SEL4USA and @caselorg so we can feature you.

  • Revisit this page throughout the year to see how the SEL community around the world is celebrating SEL.

Palm Beach County Schools celebrates #SEL

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