Policy Resources

State Legislation Information

2022 State Legislative Session Calendar — National Conference of State Legislators

Legislation Process Overview by State — BillTrack50

SEL Policy Frameworks and Guidelines

SEL Policy Matrix — Committee for Children (January 2019)

A Policy Agenda in Support of How Learning Happens — National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (2018)

Emerging Insights from States’ Efforts to Strengthen SEL — CASEL (June 2018)

Key Features of High-Quality Policies and Guidelines to Support SEL — AIR and CASEL (January 2017)

Recommended Process for Developing State Policies and Guidelines to Support SEL — AIR and CASEL (January 2017)

SEL Policy and Regulation Examples

SEL Assessment

SEL and Equity

SEL and Teacher Education

How SEL Can Improve Teacher Education — Committee for Children and CASEL (March 2019) 17

SEL and ESSA Planning

Encouraging SEL in the Context of ESSA ─ Learning Policy Institute (April 2017)

How State Planning For ESSA Can Promote SEL — CASEL (April 2017)

SEL Pending Bills, Legislation and Regulations Lists

SEL Bills — Committee for Children

State Education Policy Tracking — Education Commission of the States

Compendium of School Discipline Laws and Regulations — National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (January 2018)

Education Legislation Bill Tracking — National Conference on State Legislatures

Social Emotional Learning — National Conference of State Legislators

Bills We Track — SEL4US

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